Affordable Helicopters

Find Affordable Luxury in Used Helicopters

Tired of wasting valuable time in traffic jams? Consider putting up a mansion on the hills, far away from everything and throw a chopper in the mix to make it all possible. With this machine, you can take anywhere under 30 minutes do 200 Km to the office and still make it home just before dinner.

So, if you want to expand your business or add a toy to your collection of super cars, here are some things you should consider before settling on a used helicopter.

Intended Use

Before setting foot in the helicopter market, you need to identify a specific chopper that works for you. For example, the Robbinson R22 is affordable but may not be suitable for commercial purposes. And a luxury helicopter can’t be a good fit for cargo transport. Then the distance you intend to cover between refueling should help you finalize the decision.

Service History

Helicopters may be useful, but they need costly maintenance to stay airborne. Depending on your location, helicopters are subject to annual inspections. And there is a possibility that the authorities may suggest grounding. That translates to spending a substantial amount of money on replacing parts after the initial purchase. Besides, helicopters with higher risks attract bigger insurance fees.


One thing is real; cheap will always be expensive in the long run. There is a reason for the price, and the seller hopes you don’t discover it before you sign the dotted line. So, it is advisable to find a reputable broker and settle for a modestly priced chopper. And you’ll be well on your way to freedom.