3 High-End Helicopters to Satisfy You Curiosity

Ever stopped to wonder how you could spend over £1M in a few minutes? You can buy a mansion, invest it in cryptocurrencies or use it in a casino. But if you have this kind of money lying around, you probably have done it all, so why not buy a luxury helicopter?

Buying one of these babies can change your life completely. Besides traveling from A to B in record time, these machines are like flying luxury hotel rooms. From the avionics systems to the final stitches on the seats, everything is more or less perfect.

So here are the best helicopters for big spenders.

  • Augusta Westland AW119 Ke Koala – this machine is the perfect definition of affordable luxury. At £1.4M, you get the ideal mix of comfort and performance.
  • Eurocopter Hermès EC 135 – If you are hoping between distances of less than 630 Kilometers, this helicopter can offer you the comfort you deserve at £3.2M
  • Augusta Westland AW109 Grand Versace VIP – for £7.4M you can get one of these stylish helicopters that can cover 964 Km in one flight.
  • Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC 145 – This one is a Mercedes with wings. As usual, this German brand does exceptional work that blows competitors out of the water. (£5.3M)