Luxury Helicopters

Top 3 Luxury Helicopters

Just like cars, helicopters have options for millionaires on a budget and, of course, high-end stuff for those that prefer luxury. The high choppers are comparable to flying palaces while the others are aerial vehicles that can take you from A to B in half the time.

So what exactly makes these choppers worth millions? For starters, they come with crazy safety systems that leave you way safer than traveling on the road. But if you think this is hype, do your homework on how many luxury helicopters crash in a year – the results will surprise you! They also come with noise canceling capabilities, so you can have those executive business meetings while avoiding nasty traffic jams.

The list of features goes on, but here are the best luxury helicopters available today.

Sikorsky S-76C++

For £900,000 you can take this baby home with you. It’s like an eight-seater Lamborgini, except that it can fly. The cockpit is separate from the passenger area, and the noise cancellation technology makes your conversations private, not even the pilot can overhear. In fact, it is so high-end that the Royal family owns one.

Sikorsky S-92 Executive

This chopper is spacious, luxurious, and just beautiful. It can carry ten passengers comfortably, and it’s the best option for longer hops. But it costs a fortune and is a favorite among the head of states – for good reason.

Bell 525

This piece of art sells for £11M and has everything from a minibar to high-quality leather finishes. It can carry 20 executives and is probably the best in its class. And the safety features that come with this machine are unmatched.