Helicopter Buying guide

Things to Consider When Buying a Helicopter

Everybody has one or two unforgettable moments. Like an embarrassing situation, a birthday, wedding, or your first helicopter purchase. It is the ultimate toy that anybody could wish for, but owning one remains to be a dream to many. But, if you’re among the lucky few looking to join the prestigious helicopter owners community, this piece is all you need.

Ideally, a helicopter brings freedom that is unmatched – not even by a Lamborghini. It is now possible to live more than 100 miles away from your business and still arrive at the office on time. But this kind of freedom comes with a hefty price tag – one that requires several years of saving and preparation. But here are the top three things to consider before signing that dotted line.


The bigger the helicopter, the better. However, this does not necessarily mean that the Robbinson R22 is not a good pick. On the contrary, it only suggests that its bigger cousin, the R44, is the better option. It can carry five people including the pilot and can stay in the air for longer. The smaller choppers (R22 and family) are an excellent option for people intending to fly themselves, while the bigger ones can work as air taxis or serve any other commercial purposes. So, the budget and intended use should guide you in choosing the helicopter that can work for you.

Maintainance costs

There is a reason why the helicopter owners community is so small. Besides the top Euros spent on the purchase, your new toy needs costly maintenance too. That includes (but not limited to) insurance, hangar fees, service, and fuel. But overall, these costs depend on how much you fly and the size of your chopper.

New or used

Buying a new helicopter is every millionaire’s dream, but those don’t always come to pass. The second best option is going for a refurbished chopper. New R44 helicopters cost around £378,000 while a second hand can go as low as £100,000. That is a good bargain right there, but keep in mind that your safety levels drop as the number of flight hours increase.

The Robbinson helicopters are a good choice, but your options are not limited to them. There are other manufacturers including home built choppers that come at ridiculously low prices. But if you have a solid engineering background, you might even DIY a helicopter in your backyard!