Should You Buy or Rent a Luxury Helicopter?

The freedom, convenience, and class that comes with private helicopters are truly unmatched. And owning one is the ultimate move to stepping up your game a notch.

So, what does it take to ride on a private chopper? For starters, you need serious money – the tunes of £2M or more to own one of these VIP toys. And there is more coming – insurance, hangar fees, landing charges, service, and fuel. But the quality of materials and work put in producing these luxury choppers blows all the other helicopters out of the water – literally.


If you do the math, renting a luxury chopper is relatively cheaper than owning it. For a one time fee, you can assume temporary ownership of the machine plus a pilot for several hours a day, for as long as you can afford. That also covers the landing fees, fuel, and servicing so you can “own” it without a care in the world.

To be fair, the machines also come with a couple of cons. The major one being, you can’t use it for commercial purposes- only the owner can. Also, the pilot cannot land on unauthorized spaces. The company has to send a representative to survey the potential landing site and decide if it’s in their favor or not.

Life is short, so taking the time to enjoy some luxury while on a business trip could do you good and earn you VIP treatment.


Let’s face it; this option is only available to 1% of the world’s population. And that explains why most of these luxury helicopters are governments and businesses properties. But the idea of having air parties, business meetings, or exploring the world in a luxury helicopter is priceless.

So the main advantage of having a chopper to your name is you can use it for anything -personal stuff or for commercial purposes. And you also call the shots on where to land.


In the end, nobody wants to spend several million on one helicopter – unless you are a member of the Royal Family. But hiring one makes the cut, you get to experience luxury minus all the strings that come with owning it.

As usual, you need to do your homework before getting yourself involved in high stake purchases. And that means talking to friends and finding helicopter owner forums online. That way, you’ll make better decisions and avoid nasty surprises later.