Affordable Helicopters

Keeping Track of Your Flights

As a professional helicopter pilot, you have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. Perhaps your preference is the United States, where you could offer personalised trips over the New York skyline. Or maybe Europe, where you can work in iconic cities such as Paris or Madrid. No matter where your travels take you, it’s nice to be able to keep a record of them, to bring back happy memories.

Using Maps as Decor

One interesting idea for keeping track of your flights is to design your own personal wall art, which is a service offered by Gallerix. You can create a personalised map of any location in the world using a simple template.

The posters come in different sizes to suit any room. They are printed on high-quality paper to ensure your wall art meets your expectations. With the affordable prices at Gallerix, you could build up a collection of maps that showcase all your favourite destinations as a helicopter pilot.

Personalise Your Maps

When designing your bespoke map, it is automatically printed with the GPS coordinates of where your helicopter flight took place. However, rather than having the coordinates, you can instead choose any wording you want.

This could be an extra service you could offer to your clients, as well as using the map to keep a record of your own flight. For example, a newly married couple who requested a flight over London would be delighted to receive a map of their journey with the date of their marriage embossed on it.

Gallerix also offers a choice of frames for your wall art, including black, white or solid oak. A range of colours for the background to the map ensures it indeed will be an original piece and a great way to remember your helicopter flights!