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    Common Mistakes Made by First-Time Helicopter Buyers; How to Avoid Them

    The moment you set your eyes on acquiring a helicopter, you will be amazed by the overwhelming number of choices in the market. Whether you want to purchase a new helicopter or a pre-owned one, the variables to consider include speed, cabin amenities, and overhead options. In the case of a used aircraft, the plane’s vintage and maintenance history can be a game changer. Choosing a suitable helicopter may be daunting, but it only marks the start of a long process fraught with pitfalls. That said, here are three mistakes made by first-time buyers and possible ways to avoid them.…

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    Keeping Track of Your Flights

    As a professional helicopter pilot, you have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. Perhaps your preference is the United States, where you could offer personalised trips over the New York skyline. Or maybe Europe, where you can work…

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    The Right Trousers for Helicopter Instructors

    If a helicopter pilot needs to make some extra money, they could decide to teach novices how to fly. Sometimes people take these types of courses for recreational reasons. Alternatively, they may want to fly professionally. Recently, new rescue helicopter…

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    Helicopters and Augmentation

    Some people choose to learn how to fly helicopters as a hobby. It allows the individual to reach for the skies and see amazing views. This mode of transport is also high-speed and convenient. In fact, small helicopters can be…

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    Cheap Helicopters

    Owning a helicopter is now easier more than ever, you don't need millions to buy or maintain one thanks to two-seater helicopters. The only catch here

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    History of Helicopters

    A helicopter is a type of aircraft that is hugely versatile and is used in numerous situations from military helicopters, to fire fighting helicopters, and even corporate or personally owned private helicopters. Their versatility is different from an aeroplane as…