Helicopter Buying guide

6 Advantages of Owning a Private Helicopter

Helicopters are undoubtedly luxury items, and the closest most people will get to one, is through watching them on Youtube. But if you intend to be part of the small (but growing) community of helicopter owners, this piece will help you make this life-changing decision.

So, here are a few advantages that a can chopper offer.

  • Speed – Helicopters can take you from London to Paris in an hour and a half flat – in one flight.
  • Access to remote areas – these machines give you almost instant access to breathtaking sites such as large water bodies and rocky mountains.
  • They need a smaller landing area – so you can build a hanger and helipad for the chopper in your compound.
  • Hovering in the air – you’ll never miss another killer view again.
  • VIP treatment – the truth is nobody views you the same after you show up in a brand new helicopter.
  • Privacy – if you are a public figure, traveling in a plane can be quite uncomfortable. There could be tons of many strangers seeking your attention, and that is not fun at all.

So there you have it, all the major advantages of owning a helicopter.