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Facilities That Offer Helicopter Flying Lessons in the UK

Learning how to fly a helicopter is one of the best and unique experiences ever. This is one of the infrequent occasions that you should invest wisely in. Choosing the best institution for your flying lessons is critical. This article highlights several facilities you should consider when searching for a school to train in.

Cobham Helicopter Academy

The academy trains a wide range of clientele ranging from military to government agencies and coast guards among others. The trainers are British ex-militants who are EASA approved and highly experienced. This institution is very flexible, and they often tailor-make programmes to suit the client’s needs.

Helicentre Aviation – Leicester

They specialise in private and professional training of helicopter flying lessons. They have charter services and commercial works too. They have services to suit your budget and needs starting with the teaching of professional services going down to giving you PPL(H).

HJS Helicopters Ltd

They train both amateurs and trained pilots with licenses who may wish to fly large helicopters or those willing to advance their flying skills and techniques. They also offer commercial and instructor rating services for anyone who wants to pursue flying as a career.

Staffordshire Helicopters Ltd

They will supply you with anything you need starting from full helicopter flying lessons which include ground training and examining, maps, logs books, and navigation equipment to mention a few. They provide helicopter grounds available to groups and individuals. They also have FAA accredited instructors if you need a renewal.

Elite Helicopters

They have a dedicated team that ensures you get the best helicopter flying instructions. They offer tailor-made programmes and lessons to suit your needs. The flight instructors and trainers are professional commercial pilots with experience in operating helicopters. Their helicopter lessons are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Their facility is located in an uncontrolled airspace ideal for helicopter lessons for all levels of learning.