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How Helicopter Pilots Can Benefit From Work System Products

Helicopters are utilised for a wide variety of purposes. Some people fly them simply for recreation. Others use them for more serious reasons. For example, paramedics will often fly in helicopters to access patients during medical emergencies. High profile couriers will also use them to transport essential deliveries. Regardless of the purpose of the flight, all helicopter pilots can benefit from Work System.

They provide racking systems for vans and other vehicles. Whilst this might not be relevant to the helicopter itself, racks and other services from Work System are ideal for the drive to and from the helicopter. A van kitted out with Work System products will be much more efficient for the post/pre-flight drive.

Storage Boxes

Buying dividers, assortment holders and smartboxes from Work System will ensure that storage space is optimised. Keeping a box inside the van is useful as it can contain all of the essential items that need to be brought onto the helicopter. This service is particularly good for people in the courier industry.

First Aid

Whether the pilot is in charge of a large helicopter or ultralight one, it is vital that they follow all health and safety procedures. Keeping a first aid kit on hand is useful in case an accident occurs. The helicopter should already have one. Meanwhile, the van can contain a first aid kit provided by Work System.

Load Space Accessories

If they are lucky enough to own a private helicopter, the pilot will be able to fill it with items of their choice. It is important that cabin storage is used effectively. The same can be said for the available space inside a van. Purchasing load space accessories can help the pilot to develop skills that can then be transferred from van to helicopter.

Driver’s Cab Accessories

The driver’s cab of a car can also be improved. If seat covers suffer too much wear and tear, this may end up posing a safety hazard for the pilot being transported to the helicopter. Luckily a seat cover from Work System will offer better protection.

Rolltops and Covers

In some cases, the pilot will need to move items from one vehicle to another. During the transportation process, the items can be protected if rolltops and covers are used. A good example of this is moving tools from a van to a helicopter during rainy weather. Covering them up will prevent them getting wet. There is a wide range of other uses for van covers which are relevant for helicopter pilots and are available from Work System.