Affordable Helicopters

Cheap Helicopters

Owning a helicopter is now easier more than ever, you don’t need millions to buy or maintain one thanks to two-seater helicopters. The only catch here is learning how to fly it; after that, you’ll be good to go.

There are two options here, home builds and factory-made helicopters. Of course, homemade choppers are cheaper and have a simple design that is easy to troubleshoot. But the factory versions are more reliable and have a bigger user community. So here are your options for cheap helicopters.

The Robbinson R22

The honor goes to this small but reliable helicopter. It carries one passenger and is a favorite among self-piloting clients around the world. She has a range of 386 Km and can comfortably attain speeds of 189 km/h. And it has an endurance of 2 hours with a 30-minute reserve.

Sikorsky S-300 Hughes/Schweizer 300 series S-300C

This rotter carries the two passengers and one pilot. Sikorsky tends to target high-end clients, so their planes come with quality finishes – making them excellent picks for a small air taxi business. It comes with a maximum speed of 176 km/h and a range of 328 km.

Mosquito Ultralight Kit Helicopter

If you happen to be more of a hands-on person, this helicopter will get you hooked on first sight. It’s the best option when it comes to kit helicopters. And you have the option of taking it as a two seater or one seater. It has a fuel capacity of 18L and can an endurance of about 60 minutes.

Rotorway Light Kit Helicopter

This ultralight aerial vehicle has a striking design and an impressive performance to match. The chopper can carry 64L that can last two hours of flight. And it has more safety gadgets than any other kit helicopter. So if you are looking for both looks and performance, the Rotorway is a good option.