Luxury Helicopters

The Best Helicopters Money Can Buy

Buying a Lamborghini is one thing, but getting a luxury chopper steps up your status to a whole new level. Your perspective of the world will change, and traffic jam issues will be a thing of the past. So you can finally spend time on a private Island, 200 Km away from the office.

So if you have several million lying idle somewhere, why not get your self a brand new toy that will overshadow a fleet of super cars? Ideally, a helicopter brings unimaginable freedom wrapped in utmost comfort. So here are the top five picks.

AgustaWestland AW609 – £11 million

The AgustaWestland is definitely a game changer. It has an impressive range of 1300Km traveling at 500km/h which is way above that of other helicopters in its class. The cabin can hold six to nine people comfortably and frankly, this machine is worth every bit of that price tag.

Eurocopter EC135 – £5 million

This helicopter has got it all, the looks, performance, and lavish interior. The most notable thing being the Hermes signature fabrics that are so soft and cuddly – you might feel like spending the whole day on it. But overall, it provides a good option for people looking for modest luxury.

Eurocopter EC145

Eurocopter has done it again! This chopper is spacious, beautiful and most importantly safe. All nine passengers can sit comfortably in different seating arrangements. And the cabin is designed to cancel noise and vibration to impressive levels. So passengers can enjoy music and conversations.

Airbus H155 – £7.5 million

The H155 is what Airbus considers a budget ride. It has a unique shape and carries eight to ten people in different seating arrangements. Besides that, the ride comes with air conditioning, decorative lighting, and noise reduction capabilities.

Airbus H215 Super Puma – £12 million

If you are looking for a flying boardroom, this helicopter is the closest you can get. It carries 19 passengers and has a kitchen, bathroom, and tons of in-flight entertainment. It can cover 841Km in a single flight with speeds of up to 252 Kmh.

Found what you are looking for in luxury helicopters? If so, match it to your intended use then proceed to the next level of travel!