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Aviation Tips: How to Land a Helicopter on a Yacht

For the wealthier folks who own yachts, there are often helicopter landing pads right on board. This is reliable and convenient to meet business deadlines and for medical emergencies. Not long ago, landing a helicopter on a yacht was a harrowing and long process. However, things are fast changing, as it only takes minutes to take an aerial jaunt regardless of the nature of the sea.

Predictably, landing a helicopter on a yacht is no easy task, and it involves various safety issues. However, it’s not as difficult as flying a chopper at night. Landing a copter on a water vessel requires experience and good skills. There are some tips to follow to safely land a helicopter on a yacht.

Ensure that the Yacht Is Moving

Like a bike, which gains stability with movement, a moving ship is stable than a stationary one. Moreover, not always are the weather and waters calm; adverse conditions may cause the water vessel to move up and down. It is imperative that you, the pilot, be in constant communication with the captain to ensure that weather condition is favorable, and the ship is not sitting in one place.

Slow Your Descend

While flight schools teach you how to hover and hard land, especially during emergencies, it is vital to ensure that the helicopter is not rocking when landing on a yacht, for obvious reasons. Slowing down the copter will give stability and ensure that the blades don’t slam into anything. Be sure to slow down using the LT. You must learn all nuances of controls to avoid problems when landing. Carefully pull back on the left thumb stick while holding the LT.

Computer Tutorials Won’t Harm

It is hard to deny or dispute the fact that the world is turning digital every other day. It is undisputed that the mechanisms to fly and land a copter have not changed much over the last couple of decades. However, you can gain some new skills watching experts land their air machines on water vessels. Technology has done the world a massive favor as there’s improvement in almost every sector, including aeronautics. With just a click, you can watch various videos online to learn how to land a copter swiftly.


Landing a helicopter on a yacht requires extra caution and skills. While it may seem like rocket science for some people, it is not that difficult to land a chopper on a yacht. If you’re the one landing the chopper, ensure that yacht is moving, and slow down while tapping the LT. Remember to communicate with people on the yacht to ensure that the weather is conducive, and waters are relatively calm. Search for some tutorials online to learn how professionals land aircraft on moving vessels. Be sure to visit kry to learn other skills regarding helicopters. Otherwise, you’re good to go.