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    Helicopters and Augmentation

    Some people choose to learn how to fly helicopters as a hobby. It allows the individual to reach for the skies and see amazing views. This mode of transport is also high-speed and convenient. In fact, small helicopters can be surprisingly cheap. There are female helicopter pilots all over the world. Some of them might be interested in body augmentation. There are many reasons why someone would opt in to these types of procedures. First, they give women a higher level of body autonomy. The results of the surgery can also make the patient much more confident in themselves. On…

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  • Affordable Helicopters

    Cheap Helicopters

    Owning a helicopter is now easier more than ever, you don't need millions to buy or maintain one thanks to two-seater helicopters. The only catch here

  • Affordable Helicopters

    History of Helicopters

    A helicopter is a type of aircraft that is hugely versatile and is used in numerous situations from military helicopters, to fire fighting helicopters, and even corporate or personally owned private helicopters. Their versatility is different from an aeroplane as…

  • Affordable Helicopters

    Types of Helicopter

    There are many ways you can categorise helicopters, as there is an infinite number of types. However, most helicopters fall into one of four categories, when sorted by their rotor configuration. The rotor system gives the helicopter its aerodynamic lift,…