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    History of Helicopters

    A helicopter is a type of aircraft that is hugely versatile and is used in numerous situations from military helicopters, to fire fighting helicopters, and even corporate or personally owned private helicopters. Their versatility is different from an aeroplane as a helicopter is capable of taking off and landing vertically, and is in fact only capable of vertical take off and landing. There are a number of helicopter historians who believe that the very first concept for a helicopter was designed by Leonardo da Vinci, but the design is quite different from what could be termed a modern day helicopter.…

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    Types of Helicopter

    There are many ways you can categorise helicopters, as there is an infinite number of types. However, most helicopters fall into one of four categories, when sorted by their rotor configuration. The rotor system gives the helicopter its aerodynamic lift,…

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    Safety Tips for Helicopter Pilots

    Helicopter pilots and passengers both have a responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others when flying. Although some of the duties may differ, both sets of responsibility are equally important. Pilots and passengers should always practice helicopter…